Start Selling Products Subscription For Recurring Income

The overall value of a subscriber is much more than a general shopper. Selling subscriptions helps you to build a reliable source of income with recurring value. Subscription is not just limited to digital services but now you can use it on your eCommerce website for physical products also.

The consumer needs essential items on a regular basis so by offering a discounted or un-discounted product subscription you will help your customer to get his products delivered on first priority, without making him select and checkout the same products every month. This will help you to engage your customers and you will make money every month.

Starting a subscription-based eCommerce website is easy, simply register your domain name, subscribe WordPress Ecommerce, complete the quick start wizard then log in to the admin panel and add your products.

Screenshot showing the Quick Start Wizard of Ecommerce

You can offer subscriptions on individual products as well as bundled products. Simply navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Extensions page to enable and set up a subscription option on your WordPress Ecommerce website.

You may also offer a discount to your prospects as an inducement for subscribing. To automatically charge subscription amount from your customers every month, you will need an online payment method, this can be enabled from WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments (Tab). You can also use the free payment gateway such as PayPal or other payment options such as Pay On Delivery or Direct Bank Transfer if in case you don’t want to use other payment gateway services.

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