SQOOP – Startup That Help Journalists Discover New Events, Data & Records For News

SQOOP is a startup as news discovery service, founded by Bill Hankes and David Kellum. The service is designed to help journalists find what’s interesting is going on before it really becomes the news. It does this by unlocking company information from public data websites.

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It saves your time by providing you all story details at one place. You can search for company information rather than search Google and access variety of public data websites online to gather related information. You can also set alert for new documents filed on government and industry sites.

Currently Sqoop Includes:

  1. Continuous collection of USPTO Patent applications and grants as they are published
  2. Continuous collection of SEC filings, currently with support for 57 of the most important form types (D, 3, 4, 5, S-*, 8-K, 10-Q, 10-K, etc.)
  3. Continuous collection of PACER federal court docket and entry metadata (titles, document links, etc.)
  4. Real-time structured and full-text indexing for search
  5. Saved searches with configurable email alerts for new documents that match

How Sqoop Works?

You simply start by visiting the homepage of Sqoop.com and it will display you live a list of recent documents from public data sources.

You can search Sqoop by entering any topic, company or officer then refine and save your search. It also enables you to set alerts for public data sources.

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To get most relevant stories, first register your account and then from your profile settings page, select all the industries that are of interest to you.

At present the web service is completely free for journalists and the co-founder Hankes says to keep it free in future also.

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