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Should I Change My Mind For New Samsung Galaxy Note Sporting 5.5 Inch Screen

I am not sure whether I should change my mind about Samsung’s new Galaxy Note sporting a 5.5-inch screen. It is inconvenient for holding in one hand or against your face but size doesn’t matter if the stuff you carry makes you keep other stuff aside. Likewise hanging a laptop on your shoulder, holding a tablet in your hand, and still keeping a mobile in your pocket is a bad idea.

Nexus 7 is not a subject related to the failure of Google Plus. Google Plus was better than Facebook, it was well-integrated, fast, and really open (unlike Facebook) but it failed because it was not having the critical mass that Facebook already gained. The same thing happened with Facebook’s Email service. This time Facebook was lacking critical mass, unlike Gmail. But quoting this we cannot say that Facebook’s Email service was bad or Google doesn’t know how to work with social networking.

Nexus 7 and Samsung’s new Galaxy Note both work on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. But I suppose Google knows better working with Android than Samsung.  Samsung was only Android’s marketing vehicle before the existence of Nexus 7.

Android is Google’s baby that Google adopted keeping in mind all its services that is why using Android on any machine prompts you to log in with your Google Account so that you can get connected with Google services hence connecting & using your Google account becomes most useful and important activity on any Android machine. I have used other Android machines and a few of them like Sony Ericsson Xperia fail to connect with Google account and you get confused between hardware and software conflicts. So why not use Nexus 7 where everything comes to Google using Google’s machine for Android is a better option as it would be working better than anything else.  So I’ll be waiting till October for Nexus 7 release in India.

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