Inexpensive And Surprisingly High Quality Hardware Fine Working With Android Jelly Bean Will Make Largest Possible Market For Nexus 7 In India

Inexpensive and Surprisingly high-quality hardware fine working with Android Jelly Bean will make largest possible market for Nexus 7 in India. If Google integrates Universal Free Education System (that primarily works in India’s Language) in Nexus 7 in its release in India then I am sure it would be attracting 1.21 billion people of India because they would be learning the most advanced technology in their language and that would be changing the geopolitical structure of Internet and Google too because only 121 million Indians are active on Internet from 1.21 billion overall guessed population. Currently 929.37 million Indians are using mobile devices because its inexpensive and easy as they don’t need any education for that. Hence, it would be good if Google targets them first.

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