Selfish Fresh Start To Remove Unwanted Admin Clutter & Set Up The Useful Settings In WordPress

Selfish Fresh Start is a simple WordPress plugin that removed unused & crappy dashboard, post & page widgets, it fixes formatted curly quote problems, checks for and nukes Hello Dolly, removes junk header tags, the generator tag, hide update notifications for non-admins, removes old user profile fields like aim, prevents self pinging, removes smilies and trackbacks, and a few other settings that no one needs. The is very generalized and works with all WordPress sites as a good clean-up fresh start and helps you to keep your clients out from the confusing stuff and edit menus.

How To Use Selfish Fresh Start Plugin?

There are no configuration options so just install, activate Selfish Fresh Start and that’s all. It does following operations:

  • Removed: clean up unneeded header tags including:
    • index relation links
    • start relation links
    • wlw manifest links
    • rsd links
    • previous and next post links
    • wordpress generator
    • shortlink
  • Removed: admin dashboard widgets:
    • quick press
    • recent drafts
    • recent plugins feed
    • wordpress development blog feed
    • other wordpress blog news feed
    • incoming links box
  • Removed: post metabox’s
    • trackbacks
  • Removed: page metabox’s
    • comments box
    • discussion box
  • Removed: appearance menu theme editor (some ppl may not like this but it’s great for client admins)
  • Removed: plugins editor menu
  • Removed: plugins list edit links
  • Removed: more jump link to #anchor
  • Removed: update notifications for non-admin users
  • Removed: potential for self ping backs
  • Removed: checks for and nukes Hello Dolly plugin (sorry @photomatt)
  • Removed: admin user yim, aim, jabber fields
  • Off: turn off global trackback/pingback setting
  • Off: turn off global formatting of text to graphic smilies

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