Responsive In-Post Headings For WordPress

Now a days, almost all good WordPress themes provides you a responsive layout but it is not applied on text and headings. For instance, when you use in-post headings, they get automatically breaked into multiple lines on small screen devices. 

Responsive inpost headings

Yesterday, a hosting user asked us how he can make in-post headings go responsive on small screen devices.

So the problem is how to make such in-post headings go responsive with the screen size?

Start by installing and activating WP Responsive Auto Fit Text plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, enclose the headings (which you like to turn responsive) in the following shortcodes:

[slab]line 1[/slab]
[slab]line 2[/slab]
[slab]line 3[/slab]
[slab]line 4[/slab]

See it live working here.

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