WordPress Markdown Offline Editor For Chromebook Users

Platen, is beautifully designed WP Markdown Editor for Google Chrome users. It is a desktop app that lets you write and publish posts to any WordPress blog, you simply need to give your blog’s URL and login credentials. So what features it provides you? Using Platen you can create content, excerpt, tags, and categories. And the limitations are: you cannot define slugs, you cannot set featured images, you cannot use custom fields, you cannot change your privacy settings and many other things. But you are getting all basic features you need while creating new blog posts and about limitation, they keeps it light and fast. It’s just 1.83MB app with a beautiful layout and themes.

Platen Login Credentails 3 Platen on Ubuntu - 1 Platen Settings 2

Another good thing about the app is it completely installs on your computer so if you are using Android, Windows or Linux then you can launch it directly from your desktop or from chrome’s desktop launcher. Ubuntu Linux users can add it directly to Ubuntu Launcher Panel as shown in above given screenshots. For adding it in Ubuntu Launcher simply launch the app and then right click app’s icon in launcher panel and select ‘Lock to launcher’

Check out its details review by Brandon Tom.

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