Hong Kong Could Restart Chaotic Unrest In China

So far Occupy Central is going on very politely peaceful with complete cleanliness. Umbrella has symbolically emerged defending its participants against teargas, rain and sun alike. Still if not handled with enough care, Hong Kong could restart chaotic unrest in China.

Chaotic unrest in the name of democracy is what CPC is actually afraid of but the authorities must respect their people to not get caught in chaos. The ghosts of Tiananmen Square are all coming back.

Communism is nothing now so what for CPC stands if not for the people of China. People of China as entity cannot be counted independent from the peoples of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao.

‘One country two systems’ might stop working anymore. Whatever the protesters are demanding today in Hong Kong could very well get demanded in mainland China tomorrow. The Communist Party of China cannot shutdown the upcoming scenario anymore the way it did 25 years ago.

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