The Money Must Get Digitized The Way Bitcoins Work

Most conveniently the Noble Prize was never given for the greatest ever invention in the history of humanity that has been the invention of internet protocol. But it is given for formulating the ways to tax its unprecedented outcome as internet monopolies, which do not harm the humanity the way states have done. 

The fiscal policies of all the governments are full of flaws because their militant domains divide the humanity geographically. Even the concept of a central bank monitoring a prevalent currency has become very backward with the progress of the internet age.

Now when the occupy movements are spreading worldwide against the political states and the internet monopolies are helping the deprived majority everywhere to spread it, the Noble in economics to Jean Tirole exposes an absurdity of an outdated award, which is neither given to the operating system of GNU-Linux although upon that whole of humanity is getting globalized, nor it is given for World-Wide-Web or Bitcoin.

The money must get digitized the way bitcoins work. It is the ultimate code of future in economics. Even the devices could get developed that independently connect with each other forming another internet without any service providers involved. The highest award in economics has already gone to Satoshi Nakamoto with maximam monetary reward involved.

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