Fear The Flash Mobs Flashing Android Lights

Flash mobs flashing android lights are setting new trends in mass protests that is about to occupy the whole world wherever the governments stay stubbornly indifferent to the changing world order. 

Through this Internet Age, the humanity got connectivity in mobility with portability. That is making its overall impact awesome on politics and economics.

It is invincible. None can ever combat with this and win. Flash mobs work like neurons as per human technology. It is infotech embedded with hutech.

These get formed as per necessities and disperse also just like that. Confronting them might enhance the necessity so excessively that it could bring in very extremely chaotic results. No ruling system whether howsoever big can bear that much public thrust.

That is why this time CPC is also sleeping on Occupy Central in Hong Kong; very much different than what they did at Tienanmen Square. This time there is no other way out.

On Tuesday, October 28, 2014 in Budapest a grand river of people protesting against taxation of internet crossed the river Danube holding their android lights on. The word ‘android lights’ is derived considering android as synonym of all the smart phones because if a phone is not android it cannot be so smart. We should categorically say that the governments need following an updated literacy course for surviving through the internet age.


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