Now Test Responsiveness Of Your WordPress Site From Admin Area

Responsive Checker is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to test responsiveness of your website right from your admin area dashboard. 

Earlier we have discussed a Google Chrome app that lets you do that same thing for any website you visit in your browser. But now after installing this plugin you will be able to test responsiveness of your website anywhere from any web browser.

Responsive Checker simply provides you an admin page from where you can test and preview your WordPress site on various small screen devices like smartphones such as iphone, android phone and tablet such as ipad etc.

Start by installing and activating Responsive Checker plugin in WordPress

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard and visit ‘Responsive Checker’ page from the left side menu.

Responsive Checker 1

You will be noticing preview screen showing your website’s responsiveness and a drop down box to test responsiveness of your website on various types of small screen devices.

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