Feedly Mini – Subscribe News And Blog Feeds On The Go

Feedly.com is the leading news and RSS feed reader. With main Feedly app its takes a few steps to subscribe any news feed. In this lesson we will show you how you can subscribe feed of any website on the go i.e. without leaving your web browser’s tab. 

feedly Mini is a Google Chrome extension designed for Feedly users. The extension provides you the easiest way to add content to your Feedly account.

It enables you to add feeds to your Feedly news reader while browsing website.

Start by adding feedly Mini in your Google Chrome browser

As soon the extension is installed, it starts showing its icon on the top right corner of Google Chrome (right next to the web address bar).

Using this icon, you can add websites to your feedly, save pages and read them later on, you can email web pages or Tweet them share them on Facebook, save them to Evernote, curate and tag pages etc.

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