Integrating RSS Feed Reader In WordPress Admin Area Dashboard

Using Orbital Feed Reader plugin you can easily add a new admin panel in WordPress dashboard just for subscribing and reading RSS feeds from your favorite website.

The plugin is easy to setup, install and activate Orbital Feed Reader then follow the given steps:

How To Subscribe To New RSS Feeds ?

  1. Upon activation it adds a new panel: Dashboard -> Consume
  2. Visit Dashboard -> Consume and add your feeds by clicking small + button present in the right sidebar.
  3. Simply type the feed address and click Check URL button
  4. After you complete up adding your feeds, refresh the page

How To Edit Or Unsubscribe To RSS Feeds ?

  1. Visit Dashboard -> Consume and click the Edit button on the top of the right sidebar
  2. Select (click) the feed you like to edit or unsubscribe to
  3. For unsubscribing click Unsubscribe button or edit the Feed URL

By default the plugin automatically adds few RSS feeds which you can easily remove by following the above given steps.

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