MockUPhone – Wrapping App Screenshots On Mobile Devices

Presenting your web or app service designs to your clients and investors has been one of the most crucial step. Before, graphic designers use to spend hours in designing perfect mocked up pictures of smartphones and other mobile devices but now there are various free services that enables you to do so in a matter of few clicks.

Earlier we have discussed about Am I Responsive service that allows you to test responsiveness of your website on multiple screen sizes such as laptop, smartphone, tablet and large LCD desktop screens and you can also generate mockedup images manually with the trick we have suggested in this lesson.

Now today, the lesson is on a free web service that lets you generate mockedup images of your app selectively on all popular mobile and large screen devices.

During the time of working on mobile apps design, my team also failed to find an efficient way to firstly dig out quality device mockups in multiple colors & orientations, and then easily apply them each to the enormous amount of interface designs we had. We thus created this simple tool to lend ourselves a hand to speed up the process. We’re glad it has gotten some good comments among the local design community and that has inspired us to share it with more people

___ MockUPhone Team

MockUPhone is a webservice that allows you to easily frames your smartphone app or website screenshots in mobile or tablet device to give better visual context for promotional purposes. It not only allows you to present your app beautifully but also helps you to demonstrate your app in better possible ways.

How to use MockUPhone to generate device mockups?


You simply need to visit the homepage of MockUPhone and select a device. Once device is selected, it will ask you to upload your design files i.e your website and app’s screenshots etc.

Upload your image files and hit ENTER to generate device arts having your app’s image mockedup on their screens. You can download all image files in a ZIP or share them online. It supports almost all popular devices in multiple orientations & colors.

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