Best WordPress Plugins To Add Responsive Mobile Menu

Multilevel fluid responsive menus enables your visitors to browse your website more easily on smartphones, tablets and other small screen devices. Regular multilevel navigation menus doesn’t works on touch screen devices, the reason is they need a mouse hover to show sub navigation items but when using touch screen devices you can only give a click. That is why all mobile menus are click-open menus.

In this tutorial we are listing some of the best plugins you can use for enabling a responsive mobile friendly menu in your website. No matter what WordPress theme you are useing, many a times it happens that your favorite theme doesn’t provides you responsive navigation. Now no worries, here are some useful plugins that can activate responsive menu on any WordPress site:

WP Responsive Menu

Using WP Responsive Menu plugin you can easily add highly customizable mobile menu in your wordpress site.  You can customize the menu icon, color, set what menu to display and define the custom width to show responsive menu icon.

responive menu'

Side Slide Responsive Menu

SideSlide Menu is a lightweight responsive WordPress side menu. It utilizes CSS3 transitions and Javascript (without jQuery) on frontend which guarantees good performance on lower – end mobile devices, while on better mobile devices and PC’s it is smooth as silk. All colors are customizable, so you can match your website visual identity perfectly. See it live working here.

Side Slide Menu   WordPress Responsive Menu

Responsive Menu

Plugin is a Highly Customisable Responsive Menu Created By Peter Featherstone @ Network Intellect.

Responsive Menu

ShiftNav – Responsive Mobile Menu

Adds a native-style, off-canvas, responsive mobile navigation menu which looks and acts like native app off-canvas slide-out menus for popular apps like Facebook, Gmail, etc. See it live working here.


WP Mobile Menu

Transforms your website with a user friendly, dedicated responsive mobile menu. It allows you to have a specific Responsive Header and Footer Bars with several Menus that will only appear at a specific resolution determined by you. This way you can build extra menus when your website visitors access through Mobile Devices.


Responsive Select Menu

The Responsive Select Menu plugin automatically turns any WordPress 3 Menu into a select box / dropdown on mobile devices. See it working here and here.

Responsive Select Menu

This plugin enables you to turn your WordPress menu into a select box below a width of your choice.

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