Listen To Birds, Sea, Forest, Fire Or Winds While Working On Internet

Imagine you are relaxing near the seashore and listing the sounds that water makes or listen to the sounds of trees, winds and birds or imagine you are sitting in a forest and the fire is burning. Now you can listen all these sounds at home, working on your computer or while having a tea in the morning etc. You can choose your own combination from many relaxing sounds.

FabRelax – Relaxing Sounds Online is a free service that provides you the utility for listing relaxing sounds on Internet. Its very easy to use, follow the given steps:

Step-1 Visit FabRelax, you will be seeing 6 different widgets on your screen, each widget has two drop down boxes on the top, play/pause and volume buttons and volume.

Step-2 From the left dropdown box you can sounds and from the right dropdown box you can select the sound type.

For example: If you selected Water from the left dropdown box then from the right drop down you can select the sound type – sea 1, sea 2 ….. sea 4.

Now as you have six different widgets, you can set a different sound in each widget. Also you can set the direction from left to right the sound is coming from. Use it and you will know everything you can do with it. Its very easy. Enjoy.

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