Proclaim Internet As The Only SEZ

Proclaiming contemporary times as the Internet Age, Internet Growth Engine has already changed the course of literacy via the wonder workshop “Make Your Website Today” that is everywhere live at Now Internet Growth Engine insists for proclaiming Internet in India as the only SEZ facilitating FREE TRADE worldwide with no other taxation except a 5% TRANSACTION TAX without any exception applied everytime for using India’s integrated gateway. This would most wonderfully work for bringing in the global fortune from worldwide without even harming the concurrent revenue volume since Internet transactions in contemporary India account very little portion of Indian economy so I do not see any practical problems in starting this much.

India is in a peculiar position for implementing this idea because very negligible amount of its revenue concurrently comes from Internet, which is going to get increased only gradually. Proclaiming Internet as the only SEZ is concurrently the foremost thing. It is going to be very good for India and equally good for the whole world too.


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