Jetpack Introduces Omnisearch That Searches Every WordPress Thing

Omnisearch is the brand new feature of Jetpack by WordPress.Com plugin. Today’s Jetpack update provides you a new admin area search feature that can search many things present both locally on your website and from the selected providers on internet.

How To Use Omnisearch ?

Simply run recent Jetpack 2.3 update and it automatically enables the Omnisearch module in your WordPress site. You can use your admin bar search present in the backend (admin area) of your website in Admin Bar the top right corner just beyond your User Menu or you can visit Dashboard -> Jetpack -> Omnisearch page.


Omnisearch works on the backend of your website and searches typed keywords from everything! Currently it gives search results from posts, pages, comments, feedbacks and plugins. All results are divides in to sections like comments lists under the comments section, posts gets listed in the post search results section, plugins under the plugins section and so on.

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