Easily Search Anything On All WordPress & Jetpack Connected Blogs World Wide

Using WordPress.Com Search you can search anything on WordPress.Com and self hosted WordPress blogs connected with Jetpack plugin. This way you can easily get to newly posted articles on topic you re looking for. It allows you to browse most recent entries, you can follow the search via RSS or JSON and get notified and more.

How To Use WordPess.Com Blog Search ?

  1. Visit http://search.wordpress.com/
  2. Type your keyword(s), hit ENTER or click ‘Search’ button

Search Results:

By default it shows you the most relevant search results but you can switch to the most recent search results by clicking ‘Show the most recent’ link under the search box.

WordPress.Com and Jetpack Connected Blogs Search

Browse Related Topics:

On the right sidebar it shows you a cloud of topics related to keywords you have searched.

RSS & JSON Feeds:

You can subscribe your keyword’s search feeds and get notified about for the new blog posts you are looking for. Feed subscription widget is present under the ‘Related Topics’ widget.

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