Image Cleanup: Powerful Tool To Cleanup Unreferenced & Unused Images In WordPress

You can index all unreferenced images and clean them from your WordPress site in order  to save space taken up all unreferenced images and make your website backup quick. Unreferenced images are the images which are not indexed in your WordPress site database and not used anywhere inside your content like blog posts, scripts. backup restore meta data etc.

How To Clean Unreferenced Images ?

Install and activate Image Cleanup plugin the follow the steps:

Step-1 Visit your admin area Dashboard -> Tools -> Image Cleanup page. Now click Find Invalid Images button.

Image Cleanup 1

Clicking Find Invalid Images button will index all image files. Files will _NOT_ be deleted, moved or renamed from your content folder, providing you possibility to (temporarily) move unused files.

Step-2 After indexing all unused image files it shows you the result, a list of UNUSED and UNREFERENCED images found in your media folder.

Image Cleanup 2

Shows you number of attachments, physical images, invalid images, backup images, invalid post images, invalid script images etc. Provides you option to Move Files or your Delete Index completely.

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