How To Use Gmail As Mailing List And Newsletter System?

You can now easily create mailing lists from Google Contacts on your Gmail account, then compose email newsletters of your blog content and start sending them in minutes.

Flashissue is an online application that allows both Gmail and Google App users to use Gmail as a mailing list and newsletter system.

It also helps you to find fresh content to put into your email newsletters. Whereas its curation feature allows you to fetch your blog posts into your newsletter by RSS feed in seconds.

How To Create Email Lists & Newsletters From Gmail?

Email marketing feature of this app provides seamless integration with Google Contacts & Groups, all automatically. You simply need to install its Chrome App or Visit App page directly on your web-browser.

Simply login with your Gmail account and you will be directed to app’s admin panel showing you various tabs such as Editor, Lists & Reports etc.

‘Lists’ tab allows you to create mailing lists from Google Contacts & Groups. Once mailing list is created, move to ‘Editor’ tab, compose your newsletter and start email campaign simply by clicking the ‘Send’ button.

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