Extract E-Mail IDs From Websites On The Go To Grow Your Email List

In this lesson you will learn about extracting email addresses from webpages on the go then export them in a text file and grow your emailing list.

Email marketing is one of the most effective way to connect with customers, prospects and promote things online. Unlike to SMS marketing, email marketing doesn’t irritates or disturbs the person so works as one of the most effective promotional tools around us.

Marketing through email works over email lists made by collecting email addresses then adding them into mailing list via some list manager.

There are various online email extractor tools (such as Online Email Extractor & Evil Brain etc) that allows anyone to extract email IDs from text files, CSV, web addresses to create emailing list.

But if you are a Google Chrome user, you can extract email addresses on the go and save them for your mailing list.

Email Extractor is a Google Chrome extension that enables you to fetch valid email ids available on the web page which further you can copy paste particular email ids you need or export all of them to a text file.

Start by adding the extension in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser. Once successfully installed, it starts to show its icon on the top right corner of web-browser.

Once, the button is clicked, it shows a list of available email IDs on current web-page, provides option to copy-paste or save all addresses on a text file.

2 thoughts on “Extract E-Mail IDs From Websites On The Go To Grow Your Email List”

  1. Is this Legit?

    I come from a country where the use of email extractors is associated to Yahoo boys – online fraudsters. But i will love to have it for the purpose of building an email list.

    1. Yes, as it is not an email harvesting bot or so, it is available from Google Webstore.
      The application only fetches valid available email ids from the web page which further you can copy paste or export to a text file.

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