How To Restart Domain Name Transfer In Case It Fails?

If you are trying to transfer your domain name to and your current registrar has rejected your request because of failed verification, pending payment, or any other reason, you can resolve it easily yourself.

The cause or the type of error with your domain transfer to is displayed as a status on the Transfers-In page of your Domain Manager in your account.

Now what you have to do is first resolve the error so that it won’t trouble you in the future and then revisit the Transfers-In page to restart your domain name transfer.

All domain name transfers stay active until they get complete, or until they expire which is 30 days from the transfer date.

How to check the domain transfer status?

  1. Log in to your account, visit the My Products tab, and click Manage All
  2. From the Domains menu, select Transfers-In

Now if there is an issue with your transfer, you will see clear messaging about it on this page. Once you resolve the issue, you’ll need to revisit the Transfers-In page and click Restart Transfer.

After you restart a transfer, you must authorize it – read this tutorial.

When you transfer a domain name to to get full control over it and benefit from the free extras, the step-by-step process guides you in everything.

Troubleshooting Domain Transfer Errors

  1. Error: Domain locked – You must unlock your domain name at your current registrar, and then click Restart transfer on the Transfers-In page.
  2. Error: Protected Registration enabled – If you have protected registration, you must cancel this protection at your current registrar and change your administrative (admin) contact’s email address (if necessary). If you have a .au domain name, you should update your registrar contact’s email address. Then, click Restart transfer.
  3. Error: Invalid authorization code – You entered an invalid authorization code for your domain name transfer. Click the Update authorization code to re-enter it.
  4. Error: Transfer rejected – Your current registrar rejected your domain name transfer. Contact your current registrar to resolve outstanding issues, and then repurchase the transfer in your account with

If your domain name is stuck in No action required: Initializing status, it means that the system is initiating your domain name transfer. However, if you have registered or transferred the domain name in the past 60 days, then ICANN policy says that you cannot transfer it in between. But that is not a problem for you as the system will automatically re-initiate your domain transfer when the domain name becomes eligible for it.

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