Now You Can Transfer Expired Domains In Renewal Grace Period

After a domain name expires, it goes through multiple stages before being released for registration globally and sometimes is it released as a premium domain name which makes it very costly.

It is not possible to register an expired domain from another registrar for a time period but you can still transfer it to during the renewal grace period.

The length of the grace period differs by domain name extension. Most general top-level domain name extensions like .com and .net have a 30-day grace period between expiration and redemption. Whereas country-code extensions such as .ca and .jp might have very different grace periods or no grace period at all.

How to transfer an expired domain name?

You must complete the transfer during its grace period before the domain name falls into “redemption,” which is when the domain name begins its transfer back to the registry for someone else to register it.

Simply start with domain transfer service and follow on-screen steps. You might need an authorization code (aka EPP code or transfer key) from your current registrar while transferring your domain, you may contact your current domain registrar to get you the authorization code.

Once you have it, verify the contact information and confirm that the administrator’s contact information for the domain is correct.

(If your expired domain has Private Registration enabled, you will not be able to transfer it because privacy cannot be removed from an expired domain.)

During the transfer process, your old registrar may need to contact you on your email address listed in whois record. The transfer for expired domain takes around 5 days to complete, you can also watch for your domain transfer status.

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