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How To Modify Error Pages Of Your Website?

The error pages inform the clients about the issue stopping them to access the requested URL. Each error has its own status code as thoroughly discussed in this lesson.

The server itself provides all basic error pages by default. Still, you can edit specific error pages to define your own custom error messages.

To customize any error page of your website:

  1. Login to your account and open the cPanel of your hosting or server
  2. On cPanel admin, if this account manages multiple domains then select the domain for which you wish to edit an error page from the Managing menu
  3. Click the error status code for which you wish to edit its error page
  4. In case, if you do not see the desired error status code, click the Show All HTTP Error Status Codes tab to select your error status code
  5. Enter a message in the text box. Then click the appropriate buttons for the information that you wish to display to the visitor of your website.
  6. You may also enter additional HTML code and further customize your error pages
  7. Next, click Save to secure your new error pages

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