Fast & Easy Web Service For Resizing Images Online Without Any Quality Loss

Smaller images reduces page load times. Most of the bloggers use desktop applications like GIMP or Paint etc for resizing images. This tutorial is on an online web service that allows you to do same thing on cloud and more easily. Simple Image Resizer is a free online image resizer that provides you fast image resizing features so that you can quickly resize images before using them on your website or blog.

How To Start? Visit and follow the given steps:

  1. After visiting click ‘Select Images’ button
  2. Select and upload images (which you like to reszie) from your computer
  3. Define the new size of your image using radio buttons for percentage or dimensionsSimple Image Resizer 2
  4. Click the ‘Resize’ button. After resizing your images it provides you a download link.

Clicking the download link opens up the image in a new page from where you can save it in your local drive. If you are a WordPress user then there are many plugins that lets you save images from URL to your media library.

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