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How To Quickly Setup Your New CentOS Server At

The new dedicated servers at offers you CentOS system that is highly customizable offering you easy to use command panels making it manageable for you to perform important tasks for yourself or your clients.

When you look forward to creating a new CentOS Server space, you need to perform several steps to end up getting a configured server with a working network protocol and SSH access.

This lesson will guide you through the steps for further server setup of CentOS after you purchase a Dedicated Server plan at

First of all, setup SSH as explained in this lesson here, then login with your personal account using this command –

ssh root@server-ip

In the above line, type the IP address of your server replacing the ‘server-ip’ text. When you select an SSH key for authentication, the command looks something like this:

ssh root@server-ip -i path/to/ssh/key

Next, upgrade the server package using this command:

dnf update

Once the process is complete, you will need to clean the cache and clear up the disk space by using this command:

dnf clean all

The initial setup of your server is now complete. Next, learn to host your domain name on your server.

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