How To Home-Employ Yourself & Others?

Make good use of lockdowns to build a successful home-employment for yourself and your family. Simply start by following Sangkrit’s four-fundamentals of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world, and blogging your business to finally startup as people’s personal outlet and help other businesses to come online.

Register Your Domain Name

Everything on the internet starts with a domain name, the domain name is the newest kind of private property that can be owned, transferred and it worth your investment. Your domain name is online address to your business website.

So register your or whatever you find appropriate to startup online and then subscribe Managed WordPress.

Subscribe To Managed WordPress

WordPress is more than a blogging platform, you can use it for blogging your business, to start selling online, or to use it for helping other businesses to come online by making their website. Whereas Managed WordPress is a complete online solution for your website. Just as your domain name is your online address, the Managed WordPress is a package of your WordPress site with a hosting option and useful tools you need to keep your website running online without needing anything else.

So when you register your domain and subscribe to Managed WordPress, you need nothing else but your time to start posting on your website.

Startup As People’s Personal Outlet

By starting up as people’s personal outlet, your work is to bring every business online. Help other businesses to set up their business website with WordPress Basic to start blogging their business. Help shop owners to start selling their products online with WordPress Ecommerce.

Instead of simply suggesting people the advantages of doing business online. You can help them as a problem solver, understand what problems they are facing, and then provide them with a solution.

You can do this by blogging on your domain and then sharing those posts with the business near you.

Instead of giving people a big budget of making a website, simply offer them a cheaper plan of per month costing.

For example – You can tell them they can start selling online in less than 15USD per month. Where about 6USD will go in the subscription of WordPress Basic, and 9USD will be your monthly fees to help them in the management of their website. This way if you make a thousand businesses your customers, your monthly income will be nine thousand US dollars per month which is a good starting point.

Thereafter you may expand by training other individuals and businesses to work as your outlet.

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