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How To Give Photo Effects In WordPress?

By applying photo effects you can give a new artistic look to images you use in your WordPress posts and produce an enhanced look on your website.

You can do it easily by using the new WordPress plugin called Image Effects. It enables you to add images to your content and apply different effects over them.

Simply start by installing-activating it on your WordPress site and then on your post editor click the ‘Add Block’ button (that small plus icon). This will open the default block editor where you will notice the ‘Image Effects’ option added by this plugin.

Click that ‘Image Effects’ icon, select the image, set your effects and insert it in your post. It is that simple.

It offers you effects for setting the image brightness, blur, contrast, grayscale, hue, and inverts option, etc. For the images, you want to insert simply without giving any effects, just use the default ‘Image Block’ option on your post editor page.

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