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How To Enable Product Comparison On Your WordPress Ecommerce Website?

You can allow your customers to compare multiple products, and help them analyze what exactly they want. First of all, you should know that anyone can build his own online store simply by registering his domain name and then subscribing to WordPress Ecommerce.

Next, to enable product comparison, you will need to visit Plugins -> Add New page and search for ‘Productive Wishlist, Compare and Quick View for WooCommerce‘ plugin, install and activate it. Upon actiavtion you would be able to control the plugin options from its admin settings page.

The plugin offers three essential features of eCommerce:

  1. Product Comparison
  2. Product Quick View
  3. Product Wishlists

Allowing customers to analyze the product with a side-to-side comparison will encourage more sales because in many cases they get confused with the list of related products that are offering low and high prices of same or similar options. This makes them to procrastinate the purchase and look up for more products. By comparing products side to side is going to let them know what extras are there in the other product added in comparision and which one is right for them.

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