Easily Remove Annoying Elements From Any Website On The Go

You can hide any unwanted or annoying element or section from any webpage you visit. It all takes one or two clicks and the element is removed. There are various apps and extensions that lets you do this on your web browser. In this lesson we will talk about some of the best handpicked extensions you can use in your web browser to get rid of unwanted website elements.

Page Eraser is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to customize any webpage in two easy clicks. With this extension you can get rid of any section of any webpage such as clattered header, sidebars, lots of comments, images or anything that you don’t want to see at the time you are making use of web service or reading the content of the website.

Although EverNote Clearly and similar tools lets you clean up webpages but they works only when you are an active user of them. Whereas Page Eraser and another extension called Click to Remove Element lets you do same task anytime on the go. You are not asked to register for them, instead click and remove the content you don’t want to see on the web page opened in your web browser.

How To Hide Unwanted Elements On A Webpage?

To start using Page Eraser, first of all you need to install the extension in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser. Once installed, it adds its icon on the top right corner, next to address bar.

Just click the icon and start selecting the sections you want to get removed from the webpage. So how to select sections? Simply hover to them and you will notice them highlighted automatically.

For instance – If, for any reason, you never wanted to see the sidebar on some website, all you need is to point your mouse over it until it is highlighted. Once the section is highlighted, click the mouse and it will go away. Even if you revisit the same website some other time, the section won’t show up again.

Reverting Back To Real Website

If in case you find you have removed so much from a website and now you’re willing to see the sections again to find out if something new is there or whatever.

You can reset the changes you have made simply by right-clicking the eraser icon and clicking ‘Options’ from the context menu. It will show you some optional settings, along with the ability to reset any website to it’s original version.

Remove Element 1

Another extension called Click to Remove Element has also been programmed for the same purpose. It enables you to temporarily remove any element from the website. Be it an advertisement, sticky widgets/menu, distracting animations, videos, GIFs or slideshow getting in your way.

Solution For Firefox Users

Remove It Permanently, a Firefox addon provides same set of options for Firefox users. The extension can permanently hide content from the webpages, simply use right click and from the ‘Context Menu’ select ‘Remove it Permanently’ option. It also enables you to preview the webpage prior to removing items off from the website.

Conclusion: Just like other apps and extensions, these extensions might cause some conflicts on some websites. For instance: certain elements sometime won’t go off but the cases are rare, over all results are satisfying.

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