Easily Get Your Pinterest Account Verified With WordPress

Pinterest verification is done with a code  provided by pinterest itself. After your Pinterest account gets verified, you will be noticing a little tick mark on your pages displaying that you do indeed own that website. The only problem or you can say difficult part in Pinterest verification process is you you either need to upload an HTML code file to your website or insert some code into your template file. Many website owners don’t like digging inside the website files, for them here’s a very easy process for verifying your Pinterest account using your WordPress website.

Pinterest Verify, is a WordPress plugin which provides you a box (Dashboard -> Settings -> Pinterest Veify) where you can easily paste the verification code. Sometimes it fails to succeeds at first attempt, in that case try again.

pinterst verified

What all this plugin does is it outputs the verification meta tag for Pinterest to recognize your website as instructed at http://business.pinterest.com/verify/ page. When the verification goes successful, pinners will notice a verification check sign and they will be granted access to Pinterest’s free analytics.

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