Restyle Any Web Page, Install Themes And Skins For Google, Facebook, YouTube And Your Favorite Websites

If you are a Google Chrome user you can view web pages in the style you like. Stylish (a Google chrome Extension) provides you with beautiful feature you can use for installing new themes and skins for you favorite websites.

User styles are themes for sites. It empowers your browsing experience by allowing you to customize web sites and give them new looks. You can take out irrelevant content, modify colors or completely redesign entire website you are browsing.

Following screenshot shows new style of YouTube given by this extension:

The extension also allows you to manage user styles easily. You can add, delete, enable, disable, and organize in just a few clicks without working with any kind of code, no obscure configuration to find.  Stylish’s companion website,, hosts tens of thousands of user styles made by other Stylish users that you can give a try.

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