How To Select A Good WordPress Hosting Plan?

Without a powerful and quality web hosting plan, your ability for running a successful website will seriously hindered. One of the worst mistakes website owners make while selecting a WordPress hosting provider company is not checking is the technical skills and expertise of that web hosting company in WordPress.Hence, what generally happens is:

  1. You install WordPress in your web-hosting or the hosting provides installs it for you
  2. You posting on your dream website and one day a wrong update or plugin or an unknown hack brokes down your website
  3. You loose access to the admin area so you contact your web-hosting provider
  4. Your hosting provider asks you to hire a programmer because the hosting company doesn’t provides support in managing WordPress
  5. You search for a solution on Google and get directed to a website like OR you hire a local programmer and spends many more dollars.

Selecting a web hosting provider is a situation calling up for some consideration and research. There’s a dizzying array of hosting companies competing but when it comes to hosting WordPress then there very few websites which provides you with WordPress installation, tutorials, trouble shooting solutions and backup plans all at one place.

Here are some important things to keep in mind while choosing a web hosting plan:

Technical Specifications

The first and most important thing you must keep on your mind is to evaluate the web space and bandwidth your hosting provider is providing you. Websites with lots of graphics and media files, a number of posts, pages with a big amount of traffic certainly going to need decent amounts of bandwidth, disk space and MySQL databases.

Affordable Pricing & Value

Some people choose web hosting providers strictly based on price but that’s not completely right. One should definitely take pricing into consideration but you should know that good providers offers many budget options.

Support and Customer Service

Don’t forget to confirm that the web hosting provider has 24/7 support. Make sure there’s also a phone line support too.

Why’s WordPress Hosting Plan?

It satisfies all above needs and comes in three packages starting from 3 month plan:

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