How To Autofill WordPress Comment Forms?

Blog commenting is one of the popular way of online marketing. Commenting on do-follow blogs gives your better page rank. Even if the blog is a no-follow one, it will give your website some exposure and more netizens would come to know about your web-service.

To comment on a blog you are required to fill some input fields like Name, Email, URL and Message. Wouldn’t it be easier if all such fields get automatically filled up so that you just type your comment message and click the ‘Submit’ button?

easyComment is a good Firefox addon that automatically fill out blog comment forms. It allows:

  1. Add multiple profiles ( name / email / url / message )
  2. Shortcut key for commenting
  3. Language mutation

Start by adding ‘easyComment’ addon in your Firefox web browser

Once installed, you are required to save your profile details as shown in the given screenshot and then it will fill out comment forms in one click over WordPress blogs.

Thus, you won’t be needing to fill-up all your details every time you wish to comment on a website or blog post.

All you got to do is click the easy comment icon on Firefox and all your details such as Name, Email and Website will be placed in appropriate fields of the comment form. It works as a big time saver for blog commenters.

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