How To Auto Configure SSL In WordPress Website?

SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer. When configured it can be seen in the address bar of your website as an HTTPS lock icon instead of HTTP which generally works on websites having no SSL certificate.

The main work of an SSL certificate is to implement encryption to protect sensitive information such as log-in details, credit card numbers, and other sensitive data from unauthorized people and bots.

Apart from this, it has now become an SEO and internet ranking factor so now it positively impacts the website’s visibility on search engines. All popular web browsers now show a warning of an insecure zone on websites that don’t use SSL certificates.

Anyone can subscribe to an SSL certificate plan such as Standard SSL and Managed SSL for adding an SSL to their website. Free Auto-SSL service is also available for the VPS and Dedicated Server users at

This lesson will guide you on how you can auto-configure SSL on your WordPress Website. Because even when you subscribe and install SSL on your website’s hosting, common issues such as partial encryption, and mixed content errors arise, and the website doesn’t get redirected to HTTPS. As a result, both HTTP and HTTPS modes remain active for the users, which is not at all good.

How To Automatically Configure Your Website To Use HTTPS?

You simply need to log in to your WordPress site and navigate to Plugins -> Add New page and then search for the Really Simple SSL plugin. Install and activate the plugin, upon activation the plugin will automatically configure your website to use SSL to its fullest potential. It takes your website from HTTP to HTTPS in just one click.

Apart from this it also offers features to keep track of your server’s health, and tweak configuration to keep WordPress fortified and safe by tackling its weaknesses. It keeps you notified when plugins, themes or core contain vulnerabilities and need appropriate action.

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