How To Accept Stripe Donations On Your WordPress Site?

Stripe platform is increasingly getting popular among netizen.In this tutorial we will be discussing how you can add stripe donation buttons in your WordPress and accept donations easily. Install and activate Stripe Donations plugin then visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Stripe Donations and enter your Stripe API Key.

How To Get Stripe API Key?

Stripe API key can be obtained from your Stripe account. After logging in, click ‘Your Account’ button present on the top right corner, from the drop-down menu select ‘Account Settings’ which opens up account settings popup showing various tabs. Click ‘API Keys’ tab.

There are two kinds of API keys it provides. One for testing purposes and other to be used on any live website. Test keys are available for publish so good if you are developing your website. Whereas Live key is used on live websites so copy and paste your secret key as well as publishable key in Stripe Donations plugin settings page. That’s all for the settings and now plugin is ready to use.

How To Display Stripe Donation Buttons In WordPress?

Now you can use its shortcode [ssd] inside your posts, pages, text widgets and other shortcode supported areas. By default its donate button accepts $10 donations but you can change donation amount by using amount parameter like this: [ssd amount="20"]

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