Generating RSS Feed For Twitter Profiles & Hashtags

In June 2013 Twitter killed RSS feeds completely and then people started to find out ways of generating Twitter RSS feeds. Programmers also started working on techniques to bring RSS feed back for netizens.

Some ended up writing long, complicated but workable ways of creating Twitter RSS feeds and some created quick, easy tools anyone can use online.

Today Twitter doesn’t provides you any RSS feed but now you can generate it online to make use of it anywhere you like. Just as you do for blogs, search and news websites feed.

In this lesson we are talking about one such tool called TwitRSS. It allows you to get any Twitter profile Tweets and replies as RSS feed.

How To Create Twitter RSS Feeds?

Simply start by visiting and type in the username you want to generate RSS feed for, tick the checkbox to include @replies in generated RSS feed and hit ENTER or tap ‘Fetch RSS’ button.

That’s it. This will take you to generated RSS feed page where you simply need to copy the URL and use it for fetching RSS feed on your blog, feed reader like Feedly or anywhere else.

To generate RSS feed of any Twitter #Hashtag, head over to and follow the same process.

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