How To Find Database Size & PHP Memory Usage In WordPress?

Keeping track of PHP memory and database size is very useful when you are using a shared web hosting plan and you have got limited database size available.

This way you can easily know when is right time to switch to a more powerful hosting plan, VPS or to a dedicated server.

Memory Load and db size Usage is a WordPress plugin that simply outputs the memory usage and your website’s database size on admin area footer. The plugin also displays the PHP memory usage on your WP admin toolbar so that you can easily get to how much memory your website is consuming at this moment.

Find Database Size & PHP Memory Usage In WordPress 1

To start using it in your WordPress site, simply install and activate it. That’s it, no more configurations to set.

Find Database Size & PHP Memory Usage In WordPress 2

The plugin is simple, lightweight but becomes very useful when you’ve got limited resources available like limited PHP memory or limited database (DB) quote, and when you are trying to keep track on how much you’ve got left.

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