Easily Prevent Concurrent Logins In Your WordPress Site

Default WordPress installation allows users to login to their account from multiple locations at the same time. For instance: More than one user can login to one WordPress account and make changes. This is sometimes useful but it may compromise the security of your WordPress site.

Earlier we have discussed how a WordPress user can logout from all devices, sessions and locations easily from one place. This can be done from Users -> Your Profile page simply by clicking ‘Log Out of All Other Sessions’ button.

We have also discussed about setting WordPress to automatically logout idle website users by displaying a custom message.

Now today, in this lesson you will learn how you can disable concurrent logins on your WordPress site. 

Prevent Concurrent Logins is the new WordPress plugin that simply prevents users from staying logged into the same account from multiple places. It allows you to:

  • Discourage members/subscribers from sharing their accounts with others
  • Harden security by automatically destroying old sessions
  • Prompts old sessions to login again if they want to continue
  • Ideal for membership sites and web applications
Start by installing ‘Prevent Concurrent Logins’ plugin in WordPress

The plugin immediately starts working upon activation. There are no settings to configure. You can test the plugin by logging into your website from a difference session, your old session will automatically be terminated.

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