How To Control Animated GIFs On Internet?

Almost all videos on Internet has built-in player in them that lets you play, pause and control video easily. But by default all GIFs generated from videos has no control options.

In tutorial we will be showing you how you can easily control the animation of any GIF file on Internet.

First thing you will be needing to do is install GIF Scrubber in your Google Chrome/Chromium browser. After the extension is added, right-click any GIF image on any website (or you can open any local GIF file in your browser) and select GIF Scrubber from the context menu.

GIF Scrubber 2

It show you option for playing that GIF animation more faster or slower. Also the direction of motion can be reversed and animation can be paused on any frame.

GIF Scrubber 1

Other than GIF animation controlling features, GIF Scrubber also has an explore function. Using explore function, you can open all image frames of any GIF and then download individual frames by choice.

Great for web developers and bloggers who trick complicated hacks for saving screenshot of any individual image frame inside a GIF file.

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