Easily Hide Any Page Section From Mobile View Of MediaWiki

You can selectively hide parts of any MediaWiki page from its mobile view. It means you can set certain page sections to show only on desktop view and not on tablets and smartphones.

Tags like <noinclude> content </noinclude> completely hides the content both from mobile view and desktop view. For hiding content only from mobile screens, you will have to use nomobile class and enclose your content in its div tags.

For Instance: <div class=”nomobile”> your content</div>

These tags only works on mobile optimized MediaWiki websites. So make sure you have ‘MobileFrontend’ and ‘Mantle’ extensions installed and working on your MediaWiki installation.

These tags can be used for hiding tables, images galleries or whatever you don’t want to show to your smartphone users. You may test the working of these tags by switching ‘Mobile View’ from the footer of your website.

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