How To Create A New Page On Mediawiki?

There are several ways of creating a new page on any MediaWiki website. Such as you can create new pages by following red color internal links, you can create new pages via search box etc. It depends on what the admins have configured on the wiki to produce.

Starting a new page via red link

Some wiki pages contain red and blue links which are inserted by page editors or creator. Blue links are links to existing pages in wiki whereas red links are links to pages that don’t exist. These are called “new page links” by which new pages can be easily created simply by clicking and following such links.

Links to non-existent pages are created the same way as links to already existing pages are inserted. For instance – By adding [[New Page]] in the wiki editor will create a new page link to the page “New Page”.

To start one of these new pages, you can click on its red link. Links to non-existing pages are common on wiki websites. They are typically inserted in preparation for creating the pages in future or to encourage other users to do so.

Starting a new page from a search

Another way to start a new page is first searching for the page name in search box. The search results will say that no such page exists and will include a new page link to create the page.

Depending on the wiki, the link may say something like:

  1. Create the page “New page name” on this wiki!
  2. You searched for new page name
  3. There is no page titled “new page name”. You can create this page.
  4. Click on the link and you will be starting to create the new page.

Alternatively, you can also type the page name in the search box and it will dropdown text like this — “Containing — Your Page Name“. By clicking this link you will be directed to the page creation screen on that wiki.

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