Easily Customize The Appearance Of Your Favorite Websites & Preserve All Changes

You can change the exterior of websites you visit habitually and make them look more good to your eyes. Think of increasing the font size of any search engine results page or changing the background color of your favorite blog or whatever.

StyleBot, a Google Chrome extension works out of box in tweaking the visual design of any website, very easily and instantly.

It allows you to customize the colors, font, margin, paddin. You can also hide elements or simply put your own CSS. All changes can be are preserved automatically by the extension and they are applied everytime you visit the same website.

How To Use StyleBot?

Start by adding StyleBot in your Google Chrome/Chromium browser.

After the extension is installed, it adds its icon on the top right corner of your browser’s screen.

Stylebot Icon

Click that icon and select ‘Open StyleBot’ option, this displays a new panel with various options.

Stylebot 1

Use your cursor for selecting any element on any webpage and then use StyleBot panel for making changes.

Stylebot 3

For Example: Suppose you like customizing the appearance of paragraphs here at SANGKRIT.net then select the paragraph and from StyleBot panel edit the display properties and then save your changes.

Stylebot 4

You can preview styles and the extension also allows you install styles designed by other users.

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