Easily Add Elegant Footnotes In Your WordPress Posts

When publishing any content with a lot of academic research etc, FD Footnotes Plugin will help you to display sources in a very easy and good looking way. 

FD Footnotes Plugin

It is a simple WordPress plugin that gives you an easy way to add elegant looking footnotes in your your posts. The syntax looks natural, simple to understand, and degrades gracefully if the plugin is removed.

Footnotes added by the plugin are linked unobtrusively and the note itself links back to the original text where the footnote is referenced.

Start by installing and activating it in WordPress

FD Footnotes Plugin 1

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Footnotes and you will be noticing two checkbox options:

  1. Only show footnotes on single post/page
  2. Collapse footnotes until clicked
For adding footnotes simply type them inline in your post using square brackets as shown here:
 [1. This is a footnote.]

Remember: All footnotes must have a number followed by a period, a space and then your footnote content. Just like as we have shown you in the above given example.

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