Powerful Google.Com Search Tool That Provides You Past Time Filters And More

Google.Com search provides you a tons of search filter options, other than this Google Search also provides you a powerful search tool you can use for different kinds of search result filtering. This tutorial explains you how you can use Google Search Tool for filtering results to know what netizens said on the topic you are searching in the past hour, 24 hours, week, month etc.

This is feature of Google comes in a user friendly format but by it is not visible until you manually do a few clicks. So for using this tool follow the steps given below:

Step-1 Visit Google.Com and type your search query.

Google Time Filter for Search

Step-2 Now on your results page click Search Tools from the sub navigation menu present after the search box, see the given screenshot. Now navigate to Any Time sub-navigation menu that comes visible after clicking Search Tools and select the time from Any Time, Past 1 hour, Past 24 Hours, Past Week, Past Month, Past Year and even you can use your own custom time range to show up results of a particular date etc.

Other Search Filters This Tool Provides: Other than time filter you there is one more sub menu allows you to filter your search results to show up only Dictionary Results, Site with Images, Related Searches, Reading Level, Pages Translated in Foreign Languages and more.

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