Create Incredible HTML5 & JavaScript Based Charts In Just A Few Clicks In WordPress

With RJ Quickcharts, new WordPress plugin you can very easily create beautiful HTML5&JavaScript based charts right from your WordPress admin area in a few simple clicks. Unlike to other WordPress plugins, this plugin provides you step by step chart creation. Currently this plugin  provides you only Bar and Line charts Pie and Donut chart support is still under development and will come available in future updates till then for pie charts you can give a try to Google Visualization Charts.

Installation & Usage: 

First Install and activate RJ Quickcharts. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> RJ Quick Charts -> New Charts and enter your details step by step:

Creating Charts

Now, Create a new post, page or open the post for editing where you want to insert the your chart you have created. Click Add Media button and select Insert Quickchart option and click Insert button present infront of the chart which you like to show up inside your content.

You can create as many charts you like and manage them all from Dashboard -> RJ Quickcharts -> My Charts page.

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