Create Your Own Online Portfolio Website With Managed WordPress

To prosper your photography business in a saturated market having an eye-catching portfolio website is more important that anything else on the internet.

With a website, you can empower your digital marketing campaigns by directing clients to your website from social media and Google searches.

By having a website you can better show off your skills and firm your professionalism in a way that any other medium cannot.

How To Make An Online Portfolio Website?

Simply register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan. Next, visit the ‘My Products’ page on your account and select ‘Setup’ next to WordPress in your ‘My Products’ list.

Now the automated process will ask you a few questions and you will be shifted to your WordPress admin area dashboard from where you can manage your website.

Install A Portfolio Specific Theme

Since you are starting a portfolio website then it would be better to install a portfolio-specific theme that will give a professional feel to your website.

You can install such themes from the Appearance -> Themes page by clicking the ‘Add New’ button. Simply search the term ‘Portfolio’ in the themes search box and you will see that there are numeral themes you can choose from.

Create New Photo Blogs & Assign Categories

The design of your website will only look better when you will have content. So create content by adding new photo blogs with photos and galleries from Posts -> Add New page. You can classify your posts under categories and subcategories using the categories meta box present in the right sidebar’s ‘Posts’ section.

Similarly, you can create pages from Pages -> Add New page. Unlike posts that display new on top on the home page of your website, pages look stand-alone. Some common examples of pages include an about page and a contact page.

Display Menus

By displaying menus you can show your clients what content you have on your website and make browsing easier for them. You can create and manage menus from the Appearance -> Menus page to show categories and page links on the header of your website.

In case you have any questions, comment here and someone soon will help you out.

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