Use Drag And Drop For Ordering Your Pages In WordPress

WordPress Page ordering means order of pages in navigation menu. By default WordPress offers you an option in the Page Attributes section of Add New/Edit page for changing the order of pages as per your like. Changing order of pages is time consuming for the sites having many parent and subpages because adding a new page in between breaks up your order and in that case you have to quick edit all pages for keeping them in correct order again. Here I am discussing about new WordPress plugin that solves this problem and makes page ordering easy by adding drag and order page feature.

Simple Page Ordering

Simple Page Ordering plugin lets you order your WordPress blog pages and other hierarchical post types using simple drag and drop feature. It also adds a drop down to change items per page. Follow the steps:

  1. Install and activate this plugin
  2. Visit Dashboard -> All Pages menu.
  3. Start ordering your pages by simply dragging and dropping then to new positions.

Changing the display page list items per page:

Drag Drop and Order WordPress Pages

Drag and Drop the pages to new positions:

Drag And Order Pages In WordPress

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