Unite! Protest! Resist! Evolve!

Carrying android devices along is the best way to unite with others. Flash mobs flashing android lights is the most modern method of demonstrating that people protest. Working out something useful upon your domain for the rest of humanity is the right way to resist the old world. 

Mark Zuckerberg at facebook.com did exactly that. That too most honorably and successfully. His resistance to old world resulted as greatest possible achievement to him and humanity as well.

Humanity deserves upgrading civilization beyond coercive measures like old oppressive states and without its regulators. CIA is exposed for its torturing practice. It is not alone. CIA is a regulated product of state. All the states regulate certain agencies for unregulated torture of their victims.

Why the state be allowed to have regulated products such as CIA for torturing people for whatsoever reasons involved. Slavery and apartheid are yet to be overthrown from our psyches and environs. Getting global is necessary to save humanity.

Internet is globalizing humanity via connectivity in mobility with portability. It is the time to evolve bio-progressively in this age of internet. Internet protocol is pure technology. This cannot get legislated. Let it evolve technologically upgrading humanity.

Unhindered transactions are ultimate necessity for true globalization of humanity. Bitcoin has finally answered this question. Seeing its block-chains a p2p future of humanity on planet Earth is quite possible.

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